Download the file of necessary conditions and criteria for participating in the tender from the following link: Download Documents

  1. ScanCompany Statute
  2. Scan the company’s official newspaper
  3. Scan the official gazette for the latest company changes including board members, authorized signatories and company address
  4. ScanIdentity card of authorized signatories
  5. ScanNational card of authorized signatories
  6. Scanning the original signature certificate of the authorized signatories issued by the notary public
  7. Scanning the original certificate of non-indebtedness in the country’s banking system
  8. ScanCertificate of job rank and competency declared in the job referral process documents
  9. ScanCertificate of registration in the value added tax system
  10. ScanCertificate of taxpayers (economic number)

اسناد مناقصه فقط به صورت الکترونیکی و از طریق سایت هلدینگ تخصصی فناوری اطلاعات و ارتباطات و از تاريخ 23‏‏‏/11‏‏‏/1400 تا تاريخ 26‏‏‏/11‏‏‏/1400 توسط مناقصه گران قابل دریافت خواهد بود.

* لازم به ذکر است مهلت عودت(بارگذاری تمام اسناد بصورتPdf در سایت و ارسال پاکات الف و ج بصورت فیزیکی) پاکات الف و ب و ج تا تاریخ 01/12/1400 خواهد بود. عدم عودت پاکات در تاریخ ذکر شده به منزله انصراف از مناقصه تلقی خواهد گردید.

* If you do not want to participate in this tender after receiving the invitation and before receiving the tender documents, please contact us in writing by the end of office hours on 12/1/1400 in person or by fax number 44960261 – 021 Inform the bidding machine.

To receive the tender documents, download the documents through the link.

To upload the completed tender documents, it should be only as a PDF file with attached documents. Click onthissection.

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