Name of Project:

Supply of equipment and installation, testing, commissioning of electromechanical facilities, SCADA system and ITS of Pooneh and Namkalan tunnels of Arak-Khorramabad freeway project

Introducing Arak – Khorramabad tunnel ITS

Arak-Khorramabad freeway is the main freeway corridor that connects the south and north of the country through freeway routes and leads to time and fuel consumption saving and creates dynamism. Pooneh and Namkalan tunnels with a length of approximately eight thousand meters have been constructed as separate routes due to the mountain route of the freeway and Samavat institute is going to supply installation and testing equipment and launch electromechanical installations of the SCADA and ITS systems of these tunnels that leads to road terrific safety due to its high importance.


  • Smartening up (ITS) Arak-Khorramabad freeway tunnels with a length of approximately 8000 meters as two separate round-trip routes in accordance with modern technology and standards using local SCADA and AID software

Social and economic benefits of project implementation:

  • Improve traffic safety in tunnels • Energy saving and optimal use of lighting systems

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