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Speech of Ceo.

Without any shadow of doubt, taking the potentially dire threats of National Information Security into full consideration and proving a perfectly secure, highly stable, and nation-wide distributed telecommunication network are of essential prerequisites for the sustainable development of our beloved country. In our modern day life, where industrial, economical, and social aspects are changing with bewildering rapidity, the profound importance of highly developed ICT infrastructures and ease of accessibility has been considered a must for our country over the previous decade. In that regard, the ICT Holding Co, as a highly expert organization in this field, recruiting experienced specialists and engineers and utilizing the state-of-the-art of telecom technologies, has implemented many large-scale national projects. Thankful for God’s grace, we are honored to successfully deploy several national mega projects in telecom, control, power, railway, and signaling industries.

مقام معظم رهبری (مد ظله العالی): امام بزرگوار به ما ملت تفهیم کردند که ما می‏توانیم خودمان کار کنیم؛ خودمان تلاش کنیم؛ خودمان بسازیم؛ خودمان قاعده‏ سازندگی و تولید و مصرف را که همان فرهنگ ماست بنیان‏گذاری کنیم ...

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Areas of Expertise ICT Holding

Passive Defense and Defense
Water and Electrical Power
Information Technology
Subway and Railways
Oil and Gas
Telecom Infrastructure

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Goals and Plans

Management of the ICT projects regarding the construction of our beloved country, improvement of Resistive economy, protection of the Islamic revolution by implementation of EPC projects including: design, procurement, and implementation of telecommunication, information, subway, optics and laser, passive defense, and railway systems, in an Islamic manner and respecting the competitors.

Contributing to the deepening of the internal part of the Islamic Revolution and performing part of the protection of the Islamic Revolution in the field of construction and economy of the country, by implementing construction projects in the fields of information and communication technology

Implementation of EPC projects, and… including steps: Design, supply and implementation in the fields of telecommunications, information technology, metrosystem, laser optics, defense engineering and passive defense, rail and road networks.

Relying on the principles of governance in building the country, relying on and adhering to Islamic and revolutionary values, healthy and fair competition with competitors

Our Services

Consultancy, feasibility studies, conceptual design, FEED, supply chain management, system integration, products test, strategic planning in passive defense
Detailed Design and Engineering
Supply and Supply Chain Management
Project Management
System integration, factory and on-site testing and acceptance
Pre-launch and commissioning
Operation, maintenance and improvement
Carrying out studies and formulating strategic plans
Passive defense consulting services

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Areas of Activities ICT Holding

In Progress Projects
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Successfully Projects
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Human Resource

Mazandaran Project

Mazandaran Project

Fiber Optic (USO)

Fars Province Project

Khorasan Province Project

Khorasan Province Project

Tropical Design Project

The project of designing and constructing sub-networks of irrigation and drainage of lands under the tropical system in an area of 15,000 hectares located in 6 plains of Sarpol-e-Zahab city began. The scope of work of the project includes the design and implementation of irrigation network under sub-pressure (drip and constant classic rain) in the plains of Azgeleh, North Zahab, South Zahab, Shahin Castle, Bishiveh and Qaraviz and suburbs. Of the total land area of the project, 90% is allocated to sprinkler irrigation network (agriculture) and 10% to drip irrigation network (gardens).
Green Life

Tehran Gas Scada Project

The project includes 500 workstations equipped with data collection equipment and transmitting information to the SCADA system.
Tehran Gas Scada Project

Yazd-Eghlid Train Project

In this project, the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development (Transportation Infrastructure Construction and Development Company) intends to build a railway from Yazd to Eghlid, which is about 274 km, with 12 stations.
Yazd-Eghlid Train Project

Project NGL 3200

Oil Engineering and Development Company intends to collect gas associated with oil processing in the fields of the western Karun basin by constructing a gas, liquefied gas 3200 gas plant in the southwest of Ahvaz city and west of the Karun River. - Fajr Jahan Communication Institute, as the main contractor of construction and pre-commissioning, employing specialized personnel and experienced managers, is carrying out the stages of laying the equipment installation, removing the instrument panes, calibrating the instrumentation equipment and carrying out the precommissioning stages of the refinery.
Project NGL 3200

Hashtgerd Metro Signaling Project

Golshahr-Shahr Jadid Hashtgerd electric train signaling project has a 26-kilometer route and a 26-kilometer return route along Tehran Metro Line 5. This project has been active since February 1998 and is in the final stages of testing and commissioning.
Hashtgerd Metro Project

Chabahar-Zahedan railway project

Construction and Development of Transportation Infrastructure Company (Deputy for Construction and Development of Ports and Airports Railway) as the project employer and Khatam Al-Anbia Construction Camp (Road and Urban Development Holding) as the main executor of the project to build railways and railways to The length of more than 700 km from Chabahar to Zahedan has been worked in the form of 8 pieces with the aim of connecting Chabahar port to the railway network. In this regard, Fajr World Communication Complex is a subset of Information and Communication Technology Holding, the operator of design, supply, installation and commissioning of signs and communications of Chabahar-Zahedan railway.
Chabahar-Zahedan Railway

Golestan Province Tropical Plan Project

Tropical Design Project

Arak-Khorramabad Freeway (ITS Project)

Arak-Khorramabad freeway is the main freeway corridor that connects the south and north of the country through freeway routes and leads to time and fuel consumption saving and creates dynamism. Pooneh and Namkalan tunnels with a length of approximately eight thousand meters have been constructed as separate routes due to the mountain route of the freeway and Samavat institute is going to supply installation and testing equipment and launch electromechanical installations of the SCADA and ITS systems of these tunnels that leads to road terrific safety due to its high importance. Due to the mountainous route of the freeway, the tunnels of Pooneh and Namkalan with a length of approximately 7200 meters have been constructed as separate routes. Navigating inside the tunnel is very important due to its importance.
ITS Project

Qom Metro Project

Qom metro project includes design, supply, installation and commissioning of telecommunication systems and signaling equipment of line A of Qom city train with a length of 14 km underground and has 14 stations named Jamkaran Mosque, Baqieh, Valiasr, Del Azar, Police, Mirzai Qomi, Chehel Akhtaran, Ammar Yaser, Motahhari, Saeedi, Masoumiyah, 3rd of Khordad, Keshavarz and Qaleh Kamkar.
Qom Metro

Fiber Optic (USO)

Central Province Project

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