Project Name:

Design project; supply and installation of signs and communications of Chabahar- Zahedan railway

About Project:

Transportation infrastructure construction and development company as the project employer has established a railway with a length of more than 700 km from Chabahar to Zahedan With the aim of connecting Chabahar port to the railway network in the form of 8 pieces of work. In this regard, Jahan Ertebat Fajr group is the executer of design, supply, and installation part of signs and communications of Chabahar-Zahedan railway.


Create an integrated telecommunication system to establish communication along the entire line

Installation of signaling system in order to increase the safety of train movement

Improve the efficiency of trains

Social and economic benefits of project implementation:

Saving fuel consumption and reducing road accidents and creating a suitable economic environment in the railway network

Employing local people and improving the rail transit network