Project Name:

Telecom system and instrumentation of NGL3200 gas and liquefied gas plant

About Project:

Petroleum engineering and development company intends to collect NGL3200 liquefied natural gas in the southwest of Ahvaz and west of Karun river, and associated gas from petroleum processing in the fields of western Karun basin by establishing a gas plant. This oil field includes Darkhovin, Yadavaran, Azadegan, Azadegan Shomali, Jafir, and Karkheh. The first phase of the gas plant, 3200 liquefied natural gas with a nominal capacity of 250 million cubic feet of gas will be put into operation. The nominal capacity will increase to 500 million cubic feet of gas per day with the launch of the second phase of the plant. The actual capacity of the 3200 LPG plant is about 75% to 85% of its nominal capacity. The refinery control system uses the DCS protocol, including 1 control center and 5 ITRs and sub-control centers with 32,000 inputs / outputs to collect and process all the required information from the units and sends commands.


Supply of goods and equipment for instrumentation control system and telecom

Installation of instrumentation and telecommunication equipment of the whole refinery

Social and economic benefits of project implementation:

Less environmental pollution due to gas treatment and separation

Higher efficiency in oil and gas refining

Significant increase in condensate production capacity

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