Name of Project:

Transmission network equipment development project

Introducing Project:

This Project was established in early 2015 with the aim of increasing data transfer capacity in the country from 3Tbps to 19Tbps. In this regard, the steps of the basic and detailed design, installation of transmission equipment in 224 stations across the country and 12 international information transit ports and equipping 72 telecommunication stations with DCN / NMS system were done. In this respect, two main and standby control centers have been established in Tehran and Isfahan, as well as a modern training center and an advanced repair center. Now, about 17Tbps traffic capacity is under operating load and has come into operation, and is able to increase up to 20Tbps.


Expansion of the country’s Internet bandwidth by 4.2Tbp and significant increase in Internet speed and improving the quality of service

Creating an operating capacity of about 12.5Tbps domestic traffic and expanding international data transit capacity by 2.5Tbps

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