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History of Samavat Co

In order to have a comprehensive presence in all areas of the country and to play a leading role in the development and construction of Islamic Iran, Khatam al-Anbia (PBUH) construction camp, in parallel with its presence in the field of construction, industrial and oil and gas projects in 2005, Created the mission of building in the field of electricity, telecommunications and information technology (ICT).

Samavat Institute, using the human resources of the IRGC ICT and the capabilities available in the construction camp of Khatam al-Anbia (PBUH) in the first year of its establishment, the Samavat satellite network in order to provide services to  Proximity projects across the country with more than 250 sub-terminals and a main hub designed, supplied, installed and operated, which is followed by an extensive integrated network consisting of satellites, fiber optics, radio links, leased lines (National intranet And MPLS) with more than 400 links designed, implemented and operated.

In 2011, Samavat Institute became a leading and powerful contractor in the field of infrastructure communications by attracting fiber optics implementation projects throughout the country with more than 10,000 kilometers.

In 1392, considering the capability and trust created to the Samavat group, the large project of broadcasting signals was assigned to this group through high-capacity microwave links throughout the country with the aim of covering 45% of Iran’s population without the need for satellite. This project has been successfully implemented and is in its final stages.

In 2014, Samavat Group, using the experiences gained in other projects, won the tender for the National Iranian Gas Dispatching Project, which is a high-tech (Hi-Tec) project and is currently in the implementation stage.

In 2015, this group won the project of high-capacity fiber optic transmission systems with DWDM and NG-SDH technology of the country’s infrastructure communications company by presenting a very suitable technical and price offer, and established its position as a leading telecommunications contractor in the country and the West Asian region Stabilized.

In 2018, using the specialized capabilities and experiences gained in the National Gas Dispatching project of Iran, won the tender for the SCADA gas system in Tehran province, which is currently in the process of starting operations.

Samavat Institute, using the knowledge and experience of major national projects in the field of infrastructure communications and SCADA control centers and oil and gas dispatching in the field of passive and active fiber optic communications, high-speed microwave communications, monitoring centers, wireless communications, control and industrial automation , Scada and dispatch projects as EPCs and turnkey projects.

Capabilities of the Institution and Areas of Work
  • Design, supply and implementation of SCADA and dispatching systems (oil, gas, electricity and water)
  • Design, supply and implementation of telecommunications infrastructure and data transmission (active and passive) including: Microwave network, interurban and urban fiber optics, FTTX and DWDM
  • Design, supply and implementation of smart city including: Video surveillance systems, smart traffic control, smart parking, VMS, RTK, VDI and ….. )
  • Design, supply and implementation of data control and monitoring centers
  • Design, supply and implementation of video surveillance systems and ITS intelligent road control center
  • Design, supply and implementation of instrumentation and measurement systems
Earned Ratings
  • Rank 1 Communications Contracting
  • Rank 1 Power Generation Contractor
  • Passive defense consulting rank
  • Occupational safety certification
  • Membership in the Scientific Association
  • Iran Command and Control (C4I)
New areas of work

1- Automation and smartening of modern irrigation systems and smart greenhouses

2- Automation and control of oil and gas well equipment

3- Automation and control of mines

4- Smart City

5- Intelligence of municipal services (water, gas, electricity) on the basis of IoT

6- Construction and localization of equipment and services required by the country

Equipment made in the institute
  • 1 – Design and construction of valve position between the gas transmission lines

  • 2 – Design and manufacture of 4-20 MA current calibrator / injector

  • 3 – Design and manufacture of soil hygrometer sensor

  • 4- Design and manufacture of mast cable holder

  • 5- Design and construction of mast box alarm

  • 6- Design and manufacture of battery and load control charger

  • 7- Design and construction of diaphragm valve

Completed Projects:

  • Design and creation of the national fiber optic infrastructure network of the country

  • Project of designing and creating a national signal transmission network to the transmitters of the Radio and Television of the Islamic Republic of Iran

  • 20 kV lines project in Mehran and Dehloran plains of Ilam province

  • Ahwaz Intelligent Traffic System Project
  • Shalamcheh fiber optic start-up project
  • Isfahan Optics Project
  • Environment Project
  • Kermanshah security control system project
  • The seventh national 56-inch gas transmission line telecommunication project

In Progress Projects:

  • Design, supply and implementation of National Iranian Gas Dispatching System (Sadid)

  • Design and creation of a national network of high-speed active fiber optic transmission (Tadbir)
  • Hayat project (design and construction of irrigation and drainage sub-networks of Kermanshah and Ilam tropical project)
  • Implementation of monitoring system and control of irrigation plan of Azgeleh plain
  • Design project, supply of equipment, installation and commissioning of Tehran SCADA gas system
  • Supply of equipment and installation, testing, commissioning of electromechanical facilities, SCADA system and ITS of Pooneh and Namkalan tunnels of Arak-Khorramabad freeway project

  • Execution and supply of 3000 km fiber optic material (USO)

List of Samavat Institute Projects

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